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In Season & Out of Season

It’s just starting to get cold where I live and growing season is over, but in Florida it’s still warm and crops can still grow. I was talking with some of my peers a couple months ago and we were talking about the fruits of the Spirit. One person was talking about how they are fruits so like a plant they grow in seasons. I was pondering this later when I started feeling conflicted. Her point made sense, but it still didn’t seem right. I mean it couldn’t be like, “this season I’m growing patie

Shut the Door

Has your dad ever said, “shut the door, we don’t want to heat the whole neighborhood!” followed by something like, “we don’t own the heating company?” Well, we can open and close doors in the spiritual realm too. So many people are confused about why the devil is being allowed to torment them and nothing the do will get rid of it. What they don’t understand is they have opened the door to the devil through: T.V., music, actions, generational issues, traumatic experiences or painful childhood.

Don't Buy It

With Christmas fast approaching a lot of us are still shopping a little last minute. I’ve been pondering the phrase, “don’t buy it.” I thought what better time to share this revelation than now when buying is on our mind. This phrase is about buying the lies that the enemy is so eager to sell you. Either masqueraded as a good gift or as your own thoughts the devil is desperately trying to sell them to us. So often the devil puts thoughts in our minds, and we buy it. We decide that thought defin

Tolerance & Inclusivity

These are buzzwords in today’s society, and I’ve been thinking about their implications to Christianity and the church. In the current climate of our country, the message is inclusivity and tolerance. But aren’t we called to be counter cultural? I was thinking about this when I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Heaven isn’t inclusive, and Jesus wasn’t tolerant.” I started thinking more about this statement and trying to unpack what it meant. Throughout Jesus’ life we see that He didn’t tolerat